For clients who are unable or do not want a reading in person, readings work equally well by Phone, Skype or Zoom and are the same price.

Psychic/Spiritual Circles and ongoing Tarot Courses in Glastonbury, Somerset.
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About Nikki Simler
Everything I do requires an open mind. My beliefs are compatible with Western medical ways of thinking and I view healing and alternative therapies as "complimentary". I have a vision of the future where we will all work together in harmony with each other, where the ancient ways will have come back into the Light to be repeated once again by the majority of people. It is in Nature where we find the most authentic power and it is Nature that is speaking to us so clearly at present showing us where we have stopped respecting the Earth. 

I wish to spread the knowledge of healing and intuition that we can all realize the power that is within each of us to make a difference. I have been intuitive as long as I can remember and have been working successfully as a Psychic and helping people with the Tarot and my various abilities for about thirty years.

Having had many psychic experiences throughout my life, I originally taught myself to read the tarot cards, attended courses at Mysteries in Covent Garden and trained for several years with the reputable Maisie Besant in her home psychic development circle in London. I began to realize the extent of my psychic awareness and how I could help people.
Around this time I was working in the theatre and whilst on tour was involved in a car accident resulting in a head injury.  Naturally this stopped me in my tracks and looking back, I can see that I needed to re-evaluate my life. I began to pay more attention to my spiritual path ,  psychically I opened up a great deal and I believe that something shifted in my consciousness and "woke me up".  Sometimes we literally need to be jolted from our sleep, though not always as abruptly! (Incidentally, one of my jobs in the play was to lay out a pack of tarot cards each performance!)  We are constantly being spoken to by Spirit in the language we can understand, and it is up to us to read the signs that are all around us  if we care to notice.

I continued to develop my craft, studying at The College of Psychic Studies, the Arthur Findlay College and through years of experience of one to one readings and fairs and the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in Earl's Court, London. I successfully ran a weekend stall for six years at Greenwich Craft Market, where I read for many thousands of people ranging from nuns to princesses! I found this immensely enjoyable (despite the freezing winters; that's dedication for you!). Since then I have been a guest on various radio shows and Channel 5 TV,  and more recently appeared regularly as a psychic and presenter for Sky TV's "Psychic & Soul" and "Psychic First".

I have had a pretty challenging life myself and therefore feel I can draw upon my own experiences to help others. I try to be as specific as possible in the information I give to clients, but bearing in mind that we are free to make our own decisions, it is important to understand that our futures may differ from the time of the reading according to our personal development and how quickly we learn our individual lessons. My hope is to empower others and to shine a light so that problems can be transcended. I have read in America and had various clients in show-business, but people are people wherever you go, and we all have the same basic needs in order to be happy.

Readings can be mediumistic, though this aspect of my work is a little out of my control i.e. I cannot guarantee that this will happen. My aim is to help people with many aspects of life, such as love, career, family, spiritual path or anything else that may be important.

My inspiration for Healing began many years ago when I had the opportunity to take part in a five day retreat with Matthew Manning who is an internationally renowned healer and famous for his successful healing of the terminally ill. Although healing can never promise a cure, it does open up the patient's own natural healing ability. The healer is simply a vessel for something greater to come through, and by learning to sense energies (which we can all learn to do), the healer holds the space clearly and with pure intention for healing to take place.
I did my Crystal and Spiritual Healing training at the Vibrational Healing Foundation in London, which is recognized and affiliated with the Crystal Healing Federation and the British Complimentary Medical Association. I studied Reiki with Marie Hall who has her own Reiki organization and has written a book on the subject. I studied Shamanism in Glastonbury. I am am member of SWA (Spiritual Workers Association –
I have worked at the Marie Curie Hospice in Hampstead, London as a Healer and have been featured on Mix 96 Radio, Channel 5 News and Radio 3. I live in Glastonbury, Somerset where I welcome you into a safe space to explore your unique inner journey.
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Blessings and peace be with you all
May you find your "truth" within your journey on this Earth
O M  N A M A H S H I V A Y A