For clients who are unable or do not want a reading in person, readings work equally well by Phone, Skype or Zoom and are the same price.


Meditation Groups
Meditation is a very important skill to learn amidst the busy lives we all lead in our society today. The aim is to still the mind by letting go of thoughts. There are many ways to meditate - either by putting our attention on the breath (prana) or by simply following the mind and allowing it to rest where it wants to, by focussing on the third eye by chanting a particular mantra (which can be extremely powerful) or by the use of guided imagery where I will lead you in a guided meditation.
It is vital that we remain grounded and centred when we meditate. This way we are able to make a deeper and more powerful connection with our Higher Selves

Psychic Development Groups
These are a favourite of mine! I teach in small groups with creative exercises and meditations , helping people to trust their own intuition and to open up to their natural psychic ability. Sometimes all it takes is a safe and friendly environment for a person to stop feeling self conscious. We all have the ability to link with the the Universal Consciousness, and once people start to realise they can do this, it can be very exciting.