For clients who are unable or do not want a reading in person, readings work equally well by Phone, Skype or Zoom and are the same price.

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Anna Richardson - Broadcaster, London UK, January 2024
"I met Nikki years ago when we worked together on a TV pilot about Psychic ability. I was so impressed by her we stayed in touch, and I soon turned to her for guidance whenever I felt blocked in life. As well as being able to give a general overview of your life, work, and relationships, Nikki has the ability to give pin-sharp predictions that have an uncanny way of coming to fruition. I consider her a valuable asset as a spiritual guide."

Max - Director, Worthing West Sussex, January 2024
"Nikki's work has been a huge help in my life. Not only is she extremely gifted, but her readings have guided me and helped me with many difficult situations. I am so grateful for the amazing work she does. Nikki is an incredibly kind person and I feel very at ease in a session with her. I have recommended Nikki to many people, each of them always end up singing her praises as much as I do. Thank you for the work you do, the world is blessed to have people like you!"

Christine - Professor, Florida USA, January 2024
"I have had several profound readings by Nikki. She is the best psychic I have ever seen, and it has helped me along this life journey in being prepared for upcoming events, confirmation of my intuition and hope for better things to come. Repeatedly these readings have been accurate. I always suggest Nikki to others as she has a deep and profound understanding and gift 💝"

Sheri Mishler - Construction Project Manager, Oregon USA, January 2024
"I’ve been receiving readings from Nikki for many years. Every time I receive a reading from her I feel validated, assured, and secure. She is accurate about the issues I’m dealing with and my concerns about my future. I’m always astounded at how her information aligns with my life. My adult children love her readings so much that they request readings as birthday or Christmas gifts! Since we have all had readings with Nikki she recently preformed a family reading that was truly astonishing! I recommend her to all my friends!"

Brian Smith - Consultant Music Therapist - Director Inscape Therapies, Scotland May 2020
"I have known Nikki for nearly 20 years. My first reading took place in Greenwich market. This was a very powerful reading, one which probably saved my life. Towards the end of the reading, Nikki suggested I had something wrong with me, and should seek medical advice. After several visits to the Dr, then hospital, I was diagnosed with Bladder cancer. The Dr said it was very strange to have it at such a young age, and could of gone undetected for 10 years, by which point it would have been too late. Nikki has predicted my career and hurdles of several occasions, very often to the actual month.

I have readings with Nikki at least twice a year. Her readings are always very clear and mostly positive. She has a great sense of empathy and does not just tell people what they want to hear. Over the years she has spoken in great detail in relation to things that have happened in my life. I never feel rushed or fobbed off during my reading. She is warm and caring and a true master at her craft.

I have recommended Nikki to over twenty people, who have all used her service and been deeply impressed."

Gemma - Artist Musician UK April 2020
"Firstly, I would like to say that I believe Nikki is the best medium and psychic I have ever known.

The first reading I had with Nikki was over 5 years ago. I remember feeling seen, understood and stunned by how she revealed hidden facts about me that no one knew apart from myself.

Since then, Nikki has been a guide for me during a difficult divorce, through important career changes and unfolding in my abilities. She truly does want to help and listens carefully and gently delivers uplifting messages from spirit. She has provided reassurance during very uncertain times and allowed me to have more faith in myself and the universe. Nikki knew that I felt very different from the members of my family and helped me to see my value and worth through her heart centred readings. She was able to see possible paths for self-improvement and empowerment, because of this I was able to then make steps to really improve my life through healthy and confident choices. Through her guidance, I went from being very depressed in a restrictive and stressful career, to using my artistic abilities in fulfilling and exciting ways.

Nikki really has a huge wealth of knowledge of the metaphysical world and deep passion and commitment in her craft. She often gives great recommendations of spiritual teachers, healers, therapists and writers to help inspire and motivate. Nikki has a lot of compassion and wisdom and has generously shared incredibly insightful messages from deceased family members. These messages have inspired hope and trust during challenging and heart wrenching times. I believe Nikki comes from a place of wanting to help improve lives to make the world a better place.

I cannot recommend Nikki enough. From the heart, thank you Nikki xx"

Emma - Fashion illustrator, Bucks UK March 2020
"Over the last 2 years my readings with Nikki have strengthened and encouraged me as I navigate life. They're always extremely accurate and insightful in a short term and longer term approach. Nikki immediately understood me on an emotional level and knew what my past experiences had been and made me feel. She got it all. Nikki has told me things, which at the time seemed totally impossible, yet later manifested. I’ve learnt to trust in life and align peacefully to what happens. Having Nikki’s guidance is unbelievably helpful and has brought huge personal growth. I can’t recommend a reading with Nikki highly enough."

N. - Morocco September 2019
"Hi Nikki, I just wanted to thank you for yesterday's reading. You were very gentle with me and showed a great deal of compassion. Thank you for holding a space for me to remember who I am. You've helped me yesterday and it was beyond enough."

Katherine - Company Director, Scotland April 2017
"I have consulted with Nikki for over a year in what has been a turbulent time in my life.  She is a very compassionate and insightful reader who gives sound recommendations on how to empower yourself going forward.   If you are feeling negative, down or need some support - Nikki really is the person for you because she definitely recharges your batteries in a very positive way.  She also is keen that you develop your ‘self’ and has recommended many great books that I simply would never have discovered without her input."

Angela - Human Resources Advisor, London March 2017
"Thank you soooo much for the reading today.  You've helped more than I can say.  I feel a weight has lifted..........  May God bless you always. xxx"

Chanell - Airport Aviation Security, Essex November 2016
"Good evening and thank you, for sharing your highest integrity with me ... I've had several tarot card/ medium readings before over last twenty years ... some sightful some not so much ... with Nikki I felt a true sense of connection .... she gave very precise and clear information.. re my pre birth planning. As she was explaining I felt sensations of tingling and warmth around me a true awakening of confirmation. of my souls path she's truly blessed and no doubt will see her again in the future. I highly recommend her to all my friends. God bless Nikki thank u xx"

Julie - Consultant, Glastonbury Somerset August 2015
"Nikki is authentic, very gifted & full of integrity. It is pure information delivered in a confidential and down to earth way.  I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Charmaine - Beauty Therapist, Aylesbury Bucks August 2015
"My very first reading with Nikki blew my mind. She gave me closure when a good friend died and since then, every reading I have had with her has been so accurate and to the point, it leaves me speechless. I've given up wondering 'how' and just believe. The guidance has not only helped me make a success in business but helped me look at life with a positive attitude always. Thank you, thank you, thank you Nikki."

Kavita - Artist, South London August 2015
"I have had several sessions of crystal healing with Nikki. The therapy has really helped in rebalancing my energy and after each session I have felt regenerated. My personal experience has been that the sessions have helped me with my headaches and stomach anxiety. This is not an alternative for seeking medical treatment and it is individual for each person but I feel that like Qigong that this therapy has really unblocked my energy centres and has really helped me centre and ground myself. I find that Nikki is extremely caring and makes you feel very relaxed and at ease, she has a fantastic energy and a very special gift. Nikki is a fantastic healer and therapist."

Rachael - Ltd Company Director, Bucks August 2015
"Nikki, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the truly lovely & amazing reading. You were absolutely spot on & in tune with everything & it gave me enormous comfort, hope & strength. Thank you for bringing C through with such love, sensitivity & stunning accuracy. Thank you for your loving attention, your concern to give me the very best of your amazing intuition & psychic/clairvoyant abilities & for giving me so much time & consideration."

Linzi Peel Radio Presenter/ Ex Lola Girlband member from "The Only Way Is Essex" 2011
"When I first came to see Nikki I walked away totally amazed by what I had heard!! Everything about my past she picked up on , even things that only I would know.
Since then everything she has predicated has come true and has even got the names of people coming into my life spot on!!
Not only has Nikki been able to give me hope with her predictions she has given me the drive and confidence to really help me get back on track after one of the hardest years of my life In 2010.
With her gentle ways Nikki is seriously one of the most amazing clairvoyants I have ever met and trust me you will get the answers you want :) "

Byron Dec 2011
"Nikki, I just wanted to say thank you for today.  It was truly enlightening & I would not hesitate to recommend you.  So thanks again."

Katherine - Director of National Charity, N. Wales Dec 2011
"I have been looking at things I've written down from your fab readings;  your gift is amazing!  Thank you so much for being there.  It means a lot to me.  Love & Light."

Russel Amerasekera, TV documentary presenter ("Wish You Were Here"). May 2010

"Nikki thank you for the most amazing reading today. You are a genius! It was so insightful and like therapy at what has been a very confusing time for me. I am still reeling from the accuracy. thank you thank you....."

Sarah, Communications Manager and Meditation teacher, London. March 2010
"It's difficult to know whether your reader will be genuine when you book an appointment with a psychic, but after several disappointing readings that made me feel disillusioned, I found Nikki. Don't hesitate to book your reading with her today - she is warm, friendly, patient, professional, and above all, accurate. She gives you her impression of what's going on with you now - all of which were true for me - and will also draw a picture of your future for you, without being pushy or imposing, as I've found some other readers to be. Everything Nikki suggested was in store for me, confirmed my own suspicions, and like any good reader, she makes you feel more confident in your future, at peace in your self, and uplifted and energised - and looking forward to your future. She'll help steer you gently in the direction you are meant to be going in, and will pick up and expand on the parts of your life that are most important to you now. I will definitely recommend Nikki to friends, and would urge anyone who feels disillusioned by other inaccurate readers to contact her, because Nikki is refreshingly accurate and extremely gifted."

"I just had the most phenomenal reading with Nikki. The only thing she did not tell me about my love interest was the colour of his hair. She told me the country I lived in, which is not England! She told me minute details about my connection that only I know, and have not told anyone by the way. She told me things about the gentleman that were so precise, accurate and unknown to anyone else but him and me, it was an awesome experience, absolutely astounding. The thing that floored me was the detail. In just a few minutes she saw through the issues. In fact I had to pick myself up off the floor after her reading! She was incredibly fun and sympathetic and had a simply lovely voice too, with a healing quality to it. I think this must have been one of the most spot on, wonderful psychic readings I have ever had. Those miracle-type psychic readings only happen a few times in a lifetime. I had one like this many years ago and it proved to me the existence of Spirit. This lady is a true gem and has confirmed yet again that there are things on earth that are incomprehensible to the human mind. Highly recommended. God bless her. X"

Jackie November 2009
"Just a quick not to say Nikki is a FABULOUS reader. She cheered me up no end and picked up a lot of things which stunned me. I was so impressed my all the stuff she picked up. Thanks very much."

Marie October 2009
"I've had readings before but not like Nikki's; she was amazing, picked up on times and things right back to my childhood that no psychic has ever asked or picked up on. Nikki has been so helpful and given me guidance and information to move forward in a positive light. Now that's what a reading is all about. She has a great gift in helping and being informative and understanding. Thank you so very much."

Julie August 2009
"Big thanks to Nikki who has amazing warmth and is a natural empath. She was spot on with what she shared with me and was a joy to listen to. I am looking forward to my promising future."

Martina May 2009
"Wow - just had a reading with Nikki. Can't believe everything she knew. You have helped me to see the right path to take. Thank you so much, what a lovely lady and honest."

"I have just had a reading with Nikki who I have never spoken to before and I just want to say thank you as her reading was amazing! She was so accurate and picked up on things she couldn't possibly have known about. She told me things about my relationship and answered questions which I had been worried about. She left me feeling positive and more sure of the direction I wanted to go in. I hope to have another reading with Nikki soon as I feel her psychic abilities are amazing and she has really reassured me. thank you."

Sue Crawley, Hendon, London
I have been seeing Nikki for the past year or so. Nikki is professional, kind and caring. She is extremely gifted at what she does. During these past five years, she has guided me through some difficult times. She warned me that I was heading for some serious health problems if I didn't make some important changes in my life. Nikki was absolutely right about this - my virus turned into Chronic Fatigue. However with lots of sound advice and healing from Nikki, my health situation is beginning to improve and I am definitely much better in myself, having worked out how I became ill in the first place - looking at my childhood, relationships and working life. Nikki has wonderful insight and is very clairvoyant - sometimes I feel she knows me better that I know myself! She has helped me realise that we all need to be balanced in our mind, body and soul to be happy. Just recently, my friend Gill and I came away from a reading with Nikki ,saying how we felt that a load had been lifted from our shoulders.

Siri Barker, Cape Town, South Africa (Pilates Instructor & Transformational Coach)
I have had several readings from Nikki at different times in my life. I have always been amazed at how she can "see" things happening in my life without me having to tell her about it. Nikki is very professional, warm and incredibly accurate. I like the way she performs the reading. She always starts with a general layout and in no time she has already pinpointed the issues which brought me to her. She then will focus on reading the cards for specific issues i.e. relationships, work, health etc. At the end she tunes into an object of mine and gives a reading on that too. I have been so impressed that I have arranged Tarot Reading Parties for my friends who were just as amazed and grateful for her sensitivity, clear communication and guidance. Nikki's phone service is brilliant. As I now live in a different country, I have had phone readings and found them to be just as accurate and helpful.

Guy Williams, Bucks
Reading: Nikki has a talent beyond belief! When I had my reading I was extremely surprised at the depth and levels that Nikki was able to give me. I've had many readings over the years but this was the first time that the thoughts and suggestions actually applied to me. I have already recommended Nikki to several people I know, and will continue to do so Rebirthing: As I told you after my trip to Peru, the Rebirthing technique that you showed me was extremely helpful when I was having problems at Altitude. I only went the once and it was an experience that I'll never forget. Nikki makes you very comfortable, and boy do you work hard, but the satisfaction at the end is well worth it.

Shu Pang, Teacher, Hong Kong
I was recommended to Nikki by a best friend one Summer holiday. I felt very relaxed and calm at the time but decided to have a reading with Nikki as I felt curious as to what she may say. I shuffled the deck of cards, lay them down and was amazed how Nikki was able to give a recount of the past few months of my life. I even jumped out of my seat when she uttered the name of my boyfriend. How could she know? This first visit was a positive experience. I have since had Readings with Nikki over the telephone. At times of stress and uncertainty, Nikki has been able to provide me with guidance and impart with advice that has been positive and uplifting. She gives highly accurate predictions with timings too. In addition to a verbal account of events to come, Nikki is able to visualise and describe these images for me to see, e.g. before I relocated, she said to me; "You'll find a flat, it'll take some time. When you walk into it, you'll know that it is the 'one', the walls will be blue." Well, I am now living in this flat! "You'll receive an invitation to stay in a will be orange and bright inside" I stayed at my sister's new house. The interior of the house is decorated in different shades of orange! Nikki has been able to provide me with names of people who will cross my path too. She has been useful in giving me warnings about potential negative situations that I can avoid. She has the remarkable ability to see into the future... and gives just enough information, but not too much, so that I can still 'enjoy and experience' the future rather than 'know' everything that is to come. I am very fortunate to have found Nikki.

Pippa Palmer, Teacher, Bucks.
My experience of rebirthing has had a profound effect of my life in that it had enabled me to release limiting patterns of behaviour and negative emotions. The breath had taken me into past lives so that I have more understanding of the current one. This has helped me to heal past traumas. I thoroughly recommend Nikki as a rebirthing facilitator. She is very supportive in what could be a traumatic experience.

Jennifer Norris, London
Angels show themselves to you when you least expect it - often when all hope is lost - Nikki is my angel. Angels surround our lives with love and protection. Know that they are among us to ease our burdens, lighten our hearts and guide us along our journey - Nikki is one of our guardians.