For clients who are unable or do not want a reading in person, readings work equally well by Phone, Skype or Zoom and are the same price.


I trained with Leonard Orr, the founder of Rebirthing.

Rebirthing is a revolutionary breathing therapy using the conscious connected breath to release stuck emotional patterns or anything that blocks the soul's growth. The client lies down comfortably and starts to breathe with the guidance of the rebirther, by visualising the breath, starting  from the soles of the feet, rising up the spine to the crown of the head and back down to the feet again. The breath continues to be circulated without pausing. After a while you will find your own rhythm. It should become effortless and feel as if the breath is breathing you.
 The breath clears old memories at a deep cellular level, leading to a greater understanding of yourself and your life. Rebirthing can help you to live more abundantly and authentically so that your true purpose can be discovered. It is a wonderful gift which will surely open your heart.
It is good to have at least ten session with one rebirther. This builds trust and gives an opportunity for exploration and development at your own pace. The last  two sessions may be done in water or in a hot tub or pool with warm or cold water. This is not compulsory but it can give the sensation of being in the womb which brings you back to the very beginning of your incarnation and sets the scene for the pattern of your life. In water you will always be held in absolute safety, but it is important to stress that dry rebirthing is just as affective.
Rebirthing does not necessarily bring you back to your birth although it invariably does. More importantly, it is the soul itself which experiences the rebirth through the desire to be re-united with its true beauty. Rebirthing regenerate the Life Force -
Breath is Life.

I am Life itself
You have been a prisoner
of a little pond I am the ocean  and it's turbulent flood Come merge with me leave this world of ignorance
  Be with me
 I will open the gate to your love.