For clients who are unable or do not want a reading in person, readings work equally well by Phone, Skype or Zoom and are the same price.


Shamanic Healing
Shamanic Healing taps into Celtic, Siberian or North American Indian wisdom from ancient times. Shamanism is a Goddess based path which honours and works with the Earth Energies and the spirits of animals. There are many Shamanic techniques to help with the soul's journey.

Connecting with Power Animals
It is a fascinating exploration of the unconscious - by going into the Underworld, either yourself with my guidance, or by my doing this for you, you can connect with your power animals. These animals acts as guides which will protect and empower you in your every-day life.

Soul Retrieval
Soul Retrieval  works by going back to times and places where parts of the soul have fragmented or contracted or simply hidden away, through fear or stress, and retrieving those lost parts. This may be in the present life time but it could be in past lives (see Past Life Regression).

Sound Healing
Sound is a powerful vibration that heals on all levels. Shamanic drumming is likened to the heart beat of the Earth and can send you into an altered state of consciousness and reconnect you to your Truth by taking you into the Void between Time and Space.
Tibetan bells and bowls can also be used to cleanse and purify the chakras and the aura and bring you back into a state of peace and equilibrium.